The Ancient Ones are feared by all except eachother. They are masters in the art of magic. They control many disaters on the earth and have created total chaos before. They wish to keep the world "pure."

Before Being AncientEdit

The TransformationEdit

Years of ImortalityEdit

Before The WarEdit

Beginning Of The WarEdit

Powers and StrengthsEdit

Magic: The Ancient ones are all capable of magic, but some are better than others. Magic allows them to draw fire and ice from their hands and many other things as well.

Strength: The Ancient Ones are quite strong (although some more than others) and are feared for their strength as well.

Telakineses: They are sometimes able to move object with their mind.

Speed: They are extremely fast, but prefer to walk in a more graceful manner.

Resistance: They can withstand a great amount of torture and pain, making them almost invincable.

Ancient reading: They are able to read things in any language and can also soeak every language. They have their own, but prefer to use English over it despite it being created for them.


Anger: They can easily lose control of their temper and will unleash every power they command until their rage has vanished.

Nikki: They somehow have some tie to Nikki that if she dies so will they. (Not including Zillet.)

Their Powers: If their powers are too powerful they may lose control and destroy themselves.