Welcome to the Elemental Battle Grounds WikiEdit

This wiki is based on a string of episodes that me and my classmates have written and created. This is a fan fiction, but it is also copyright. Please do not steal any thing from this wiki or reference it if it is not credited correctly. The videos will be posted soon on YouTube. Thank you.

What Is Elemental battle Grounds?Edit

Elemental battle Grounds is about a medieval land from the past. The citizens are of different races such as Water Tribes, Magnetic Empires, Magma Kingdoms, Ice land, The Ancient Ones, Clockwork's army, and many others no yet specified. They are all peaceful untill a plan arrives that will change everything and create a war of the worlds.

Latest NewsEdit

Filming, expanding, and writing is ongoing.

Anna Shipman has been cast for several minor roles and one major in this season so far.

Jackie Behneman has been cast as one major role so far.

Stevi Caviness has been cast for one major role in the season so far.

Asa Caviness has been cast for 3 major roles in the season so far.

Arista McQuaid has been casted for 2 major roles in the show this season so far.

January 18th : The wiki is created.